HXSquare Members Exchange/Marketplace

Negotiated two-sided rules-based marketplace for the exchange of healthcare data by vetted counter-parties

HXSquare Trading Platform

Health Exchange Unit

New Instrument to Convey Digital Rights

Core Construct
  • Creates proprietary instrument for a new asset class(es)
  • Provides digital rights for specifically described metadata, use rights, prohibitions, other contract terms and duration
  • Enables definition of disparate data sets and assets
  • Structures customizations for the needs of data trades in a negotiated vs continuous market
  • Establishes an instrument for data liquidity
  • Extends to other asset classes within healthcare – “HXUs”
  • Supports evolving delivery models (e.g. Glass Wall, Digital Sandbox)
Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Provides a clear, enforceable framework
  • Does not convey title to the underlying data asset
  • Is not a security for Federal or State purposes – no traditional SEC regulatory or compliance requirements

Price, Match and Discovery

Quantitative Metrics, Valuation, Matching and Price Discovery Algorithms

Transaction details update and evolve valuation models, matching engine and interactions
  • Reveal preferences and equivalencies among attributes
  • Weight and adjust value of individual data and contract attributes in valuation and matching
  • Identify new attributes
  • Infer recommended “interaction models” for different instruments
Evolving data types, attributes and contract terms drive asset valuation, search, match and price discovery
  • Update HXS Ontology – metadata and contract attributes
  • Revise valuation models, metrics and analytics
  • Improve match and search results
  • Identify improved interactions models
Profile population informs matching results and valuation drivers/range
  • More complete profiles and record counts yield tighter valuation ranges and matches
  • Contract terms and conditions can materially impact valuation ranges and match results
  • Other factors drive valuation and matches – entity type, entity size, higher record counts, etc.
  • Users can be guided through the profile creation process to optimize valuation and match impacts


Market intelligence and analytics
  • Pricing/volume trends by data types and attributes
  • Proprietary trading indices
  • Trading tools and algorithms
  • Portfolio analysis and insights

Use Cases

Selected Use Case Categories – Existing and New


Clinical Care and Health/Wellness

  • Hospital Systems
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Medical Groups
  • Providers
  • Registries
  • Disease Foundations
  • Centers-of-excellence
  • Retail driven primary care


Risk-Bearing, Underwriting and Loss Mitigation

  • Insurance/Payers
  • Reinsurers
  • ACOs
  • HMOs
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Self-Insured Employers


Drugs, Devices and Services

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • MedTech
  • Tech Companies
  • Wellness programs