The convergence of Health IT and Fintech

Enabling a liquid, transparent, secure and democratized two-sided market for healthcare data, market intelligence, analytics and services

HXS Mission

To enable access to the right data at the right time, place, and price via a trusted, secure, scalable, and “smart” data exchange with best-in-class technology, partners, and market participants to improve health outcomes, drive R&D efficiencies, and mitigate risk across the entire healthcare industry.

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Synergy = NASDAQ + American Medical Association


HXS Benefits to Market Participants

  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Metadata for profiles, search, match and compliance
  • Valuation metrics and models for price discovery
  • Better and faster searches and matches
  • Predictable, structured negotiation experience featuring Model Contracts
  • Lower trading costs and increased productivity (~25%)
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Scalable and secure
  • AI and ML-based learning
  • Data liquidity
  • Market pricing
  • Universal Trading Model (unlimited use cases)
  • Rules-based market
  • Access to qualified known and unknown counterparties
  • Curated and optimized data assets
  • Central settlement and bi-lateral delivery
  • Seamless and auditable execution
  • Access to data driven products and services

Durable Competitive Advantages



Healthcare Data Challenges

Data drives healthcare

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Current Market

Massive and fragmented market

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Health Data Explosion – 2,314 Exabytes in 2020

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Exchange Platform

Trading Platform

HXSquare Trading Platform structured for customization

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Health Exchange Unit

New instrument to convey digital rights

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Price, Match and Discovery

Quantitative metrics, valuation, matching and price discovery algorithms

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Market intelligence and analytics

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Use Cases

Selected use case categories – existing and new

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